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Volt MX is an industry-leading low-code platform for building mobile and multi-experience apps. Our platform improves developer productivity, creates better app experiences cost-effectively, and helps you build innovative experiences that meet constantly evolving customer expectations and enables organizations to deliver web, native, wearable and other apps in just a few weeks.
Create engaging app experiences and drive business value – fast – with our low-code platform.

Clear Solutions

Enterprises are turning to low code:


of IT leaders found that low-code platforms are more affordable compared to traditional development platforms.

(Source: Forrester)


cited the ability to meet requirements within budget.

(Source: Forrester)


of IT leaders found that the flexible design of low-code platforms helps to significantly improve customer experience compared to traditional development platforms.

(Source: Forrester)


of IT decision-makers consider low-code development as one of their top 3 IT priorities

By 2026, 3 in 4 enterprises will use a MX development platform to build digital products.


Low-code app dev will be responsible for more than 65% of app dev activity by 2024.

Choose The Best

Impress Your Users with Stunning Apps

Provide engaging experiences wherever they are — from native mobile to PWAs and wearables.

Loyalty and Engagement

Chatbots, VR and AR

Wearables, Kiosks and More

The Obvious Choice

Empower Your Dev Team with Low Code

Help multi-disciplinary teams manage the many steps of the SDLC

Manage a Single Code Base

Easy Integrations & Automations

Enterprise-Grade Security

Case Studies

The Obvious Choice

Energy Giant Leads Industry Transformation with Innovative Digital Factory

Help multi-disciplinary teams manage the many steps of the SDLC

Problem / challenge /opportunity:

How are limited resources stopping you from adding Progressive Web Apps to your app portfolio?


    1. Growing backlog of apps / digital solutions
    1. Struggling to scale to meet the app needs and demands of their customers and employees as their business grows.
  1. Build robust solutions in weeks instead of months.


This company wanted to digitize operations, make it easier and faster to deploy applications and to be a positive influence on the entire energy industry.


HCL Volt MX was picked to develop a single application — quickly and with reusable components — to run across multiple platforms and supports all digital initiatives.


In the first year, 15 applications were created that solve customers and employee needs, as well as help improve operations by more effectively managing assets.

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