Unica is a cloud native, fully integrated enterprise marketing automation platform that provides precision marketing at scale.

The Best Experience

Unica offers your team these intuitive modules


Unica Journey is a goal-based orchestration solution to visualize, create, execute & measure personalized omnichannel customer experiences.

Benefits of Journey

Goal-based Marketing

Make changes to customer journeys on the fly to meet marketing KPI goals and customer expectations.

Shorten your Customer Conversion Cycle

Increased conversion with timely next best actions that are in synch with customer behaviour & aligned to goals.

Increased Brand Loyalty

Strengthen your brand with relevant automated journeys that increase retention and share of wallet.

Amplified Omni Channel Engagement

Deliver a consistent customer experience across any channel with native integration for Unica Campaign outbound and Unica Interact and Deliver inbound engagement.

Engage in the Moment

Never miss the opportunity to delight your customers with relevant experiences.

Lower Marketing TCO

Increased conversion with timely next best actions that are in synch with customer behaviour & aligned to goals.

Fully integrated turnkey delivery engine

Leverage built-in SMS, Push, WhastApp preconfigured templates for near perfect email marketing rendering and delivery fulfilment.


Unica Deliver is a reliable, scalable and seamlessly integrated digital messaging solution, providing timely and personalized communications across channels including Email, SMS and more.

Benefits of Deliver

Digital Messaging at Scale

With an architecture that is designed from the ground up with performance and reliability in mind, scale seamlessly to deliver high volume personalized messaging for digital channels.

Maximize Customer Engagement

Drive higher customer engagement (opens, clicks and conversion) with sophisticated rules engines and advanced functionality.

Leading Industry Expertise

Our world class service gives customers access to key industry experts for in-depth deliverability monitoring, analysis and support.

Streamlined Operations

Empower your digital marketing team by continually removing IT maintenance and integration obstacles to achieve greater efficiency.

Increased ROI

Leverage powerful automation toolset enabling lights-out recurring campaigns to reduce cost and maximize usage of marketing resources.

Features of Deliver

Engage in the Moment

Deliver high volume personalized digital messages with an architecture purpose built for performance and reliability.

Unified Omni Channel Experience

Leverage the powerful context and continuity offered by the Unica Marketing Platform’s system of record, ensuring that you reach your customer over the right channel at the right time.

Flexible Communication Automation

Provides powerful lights-out productivity tools to automate even the most complicated campaigns and the flexibility to build ad hoc campaigns quickly and efficiently.

Powerful Email & Landing Page Analysis

Precise application of personalization rules with a quick and easy preview of data-driven messages and landing pages.

Intuitive A/B Testing

Quickly configure and conduct A/B testing to determine the most effective email design and message content for your audience.

Insightful Reports and Analytics

Out-of-the-box analytics and engagement insights of marketing results.


Unica Campaign is the advanced campaign management solution that delivers customer targeting at scale with powerful segmentation capabilities for outbound, multi-channel, multi-wave batch campaign execution and tracking.

Benefits of Campaign

Increased Response Rates

Execute targeted campaigns with velocity and increase your response rates by 10% – 50%.

Shorten Campaign Cycles

Reduce your time to launch campaigns and decrease customer acquisition cost by 25% – 75%.

Strong Brand Value & Loyalty

Strengthen loyalty and retention with targeted campaigns that increase lift and your overall campaign ROI by 15% – 30%.

Features of Campaign

Audience Segmentation

Leverage a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use flowchart user interface to manage audience selection, exclusions, segmentation and assignment of personalized offers.

Centralized Offer Management

Centralize and standardize the creation and management of offers and associate content with the flexibility and agility to personalize at scale.

Automated List Generation and Output Formatting

Campaign execution capabilities include the ability to schedule multiple campaign waves, access external data repositories from multiple sources, and output campaign data in nearly limitless formats.

Contact Data Management

Manage large contact databases with great efficiency and execute campaigns with velocity while ensuring compliance for GDPR/CCPA.

Interaction History & Attribution

Close the loop on your customer or prospect engagement with attribution that is built on a rich and complete interaction history including contacts made, offers presented, response actions along with campaign details.

Reporting and Analysis

Gain powerful insights and perform ROI, lift analysis through standard out of the box campaign reports. With an open data model, any third-party reporting or analysis tool can also tap into the campaign data.


Unica Link is an out of the box low code, fast and flexible framework to seamlessly integrate 3rd party touchpoints and martech applications with Unica to deliver a unified customer experience.

Benefits of Link

Reduced TCO

Streamline the maintenance and extensibility of your integrations with open low code framework & automation.

Improved ROI

Derive more ROI from your entire MarTech ecosystem including Unica and 3rd party applications by seamlessly orchestrating customer experience across touchpoints.

Omni-Channel Data

Integrate across data silos to unify the customer experience.

Agility in Time to Market

Accelerate the time to deploy integrations for new marketing projects & initiatives and reduce reliance on IT.

Features of Link

Point and Click Marketer Function

With an intuitive and a simplified user interface, marketers can design campaigns or customer journeys in few clicks without the exposure to the underlying mechanics and mappings between applications.

Open API Driven Framework

Standard and simplified tooling that powers rapid development and deployment of 3rd party integrations based on REST APIs.

Persona Based Features

Caters to the needs of different user personas like developers, administrators, and marketers with granular access controls and applicable functions and interface.

Service Assurance

Provides robust integration and execution between applications by baking in performance and reliability aspects like authentication, throttling and retry strategies.

Included Connectors

Out-of-the-box connectors for leading Email/SMS/CRM vendors plus the flexibility to customize for individual requirements.


Unica Discover provides behavioural insight into the online user journey, allowing you to deliver the kind of optimized experience that improves conversion and makes users want to visit again.


Unica Interact is the sophisticated real time interaction solution to personalize customer experience and determine the next best action for customer engagement across various channels such as websites, call centres, point-of-sales, ATM’s, kiosks and more.

Benefits of Interact

Now you can turn any real-time touchpoint into a channel to connect with your customers.

Real-time Personalization at Scale

Scales to meet your growth with powerful performance throughput: 100,000s of concurrent sessions with response times in few milliseconds.

Increased Response Rates

Deep personalization and advanced analytics maximize the relevancy of messages presented during live interactions, increasing response rates.

Improved Customer Experience

Personalizing the experience of interacting with your brand real time can have a major positive impact on perception and loyalty.

Transform your Inbound Channels

Targeted marketing adds to the ROI of websites, call centres and other inbound channels originally built for operational reasons.

Align your Inbound & Outbound Channels

Connects and coordinates inbound marketing with outbound campaigns, on the same platform sharing audience data, offers and dispositions.

Features of Interact

Leading Edge Personalization

Engage known and anonymous visitors, consider behaviours and current activity patterns, and personalize interactions leveraging both online and offline data, including in-depth historical knowledge of customers to deliver targeted call to actions such as cross-sell offers, editorial content, service options, and coordinated banner messages.

Intelligent Offer Arbitration

The acute and insightful combination of marketer personalization strategy and inbuilt cognitive learning helps you to recognize the right time and best offer for every customer.

Omni Channel Coverage

Plugs into any customer touchpoint: website, call centre, kiosk, point-of-sale, ATM and bridges customer engagement through delivery of personalized offers across channels without losing context and continuity.

Insightful Reports and Analytics

Delivers accurate marketing performance analysis, channel activity insights, campaign strategy inventories and deployment auditing— all intended to improve managerial oversight and marketing results.


Unica Optimize is the superior campaign optimization solution to determine the optimal contact strategy for each customer across time, offers, channels and multiple marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Optimise

Centrally manages rules, constraints, and prioritization for the optimal contact strategy.

Best Brand Experience

Deliver a delightful contact experience for your customers, based on interaction history, offer details, channel preferences, time frame, business constraints and rules and marketing objectives.

Improved Customer Loyalty

Respect customer privacy and preferences and drive customer relationship to the next level.

Optimal Messaging

Minimize customer contact fatigue by mathematically determining the best communication for each customer.

Optimized Resource Usage

Optimize usage of limited budget, channel capacity, and inventory resources.

Increased ROI

Maximize marketing profitability and ROI through improved response rates by sending the best offers to each customer.

Features of Optimize

Customer Optimization

With limited opportunities to communicate with your customers, determine what offers to give to which customers while managing contact fatigue.

Offer Optimization

Determine which customers get what offers, when you have only a limited number to distribute.

Time Optimization

Ensure offers don’t conflict with each other, offers are not repeated and offers are prioritized.

Budget Optimization

Determine how to allocate your budget across different campaigns, offers, or customers.

Channel Capacity Optimization

With fixed channel capacity, identify which channels to use to communicate with which customers and when.

Goal Based Optimization

Score offers for your customer based on marketing objectives such as potential value, revenue, profit, exposure, probability of response and more.


Unica Plan is a comprehensive Marketing Resource Management solution that provides a collaborative environment for end to end planning, execution and management of your marketing initiatives.

Benefits of Plan

Everyone on the marketing team: chief marketing officers, marketing managers, event planners, creative directors, and marketing controllers, realizes immediate benefits in efficiency and performance.

Increased Productivity

Streamline your marketing process, ensure compliance, implement best practices and standardize your planning data.

Reduced Cycle Time

With integrated data flows and efficient UI/UX, launch marketing campaigns and programs, getting them into market faster.

Lower Marketing Costs

Gain greater visibility and control over marketing budgets and expenses.

Improved Collaboration

Bring together marketing teams and process enabling greater cooperation and higher efficiency.

Better Marketing Results

Through dashboards, analytics, and calendars achieve greater insight, oversight and management of all aspects of marketing.

Features of Plan

Operations Management

Manage your marketing plans and programs with rich meta data, calendaring and dashboards. Collaborate and coordinate across projects, resources and teams with workflows and approvals.

Financial Management

Allocate and track top-down or bottom-up marketing spend across plans, programs and projects and manage all aspects of marketing expenses from cost centre definition to purchase order generation to invoice processing.

Asset Management

Manage the creation, distribution, and approval of the organization’s digital assets in a secure asset library with powerful searching, graphical views, and version control.

Campaign Planning

Transform briefs to meta data that flows seamlessly between planning and campaign execution. Define and approve targets cells, and review cell counts for targeting.

Offer Lifecycle Management

Create and organize simple to complex call to actions end to end for your campaigns and manage them through review and approval cycles.

Success in All Industries

Proven results executing omnichannel programs at scale across a wide variety of industries including:

  • Banking & Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare & Insurance
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Telecom
  • Retail
  • Consumer Product Goods
  • Media & Entertainment


Increase in clicks per day in Travel and Hospitality

Times increase in customer responses in a global Bank


Boost in operating profit in a large global Retailer

Goal Based Marketing

Fast Track Your Goals

Orchestrate personalised omnichannel engagements, track progress and recalibrate marketing activities in real-time.

Messaging Without Limits

Fully Integrated Turnkey Delivery Engine

Leverage built-in SMS, Push, WhastApp preconfigured templates for near perfect email marketing rendering and delivery fulfilment.

Precision Marketing

Limitless Targeted Reach

Effortless scale to the billions of personalised interactions required by large organization with complex data infrastructures.

Case Studies

Problem / challenge /opportunity:

80% of clients don’t…


Unica Campaign is the advanced campaign management solution that delivers customer targeting at scale with powerful segmentation capabilities for outbound, multi-channel, multi-wave batch campaign execution and tracking.


To increase campaigns @ scale and include hyper segmentation and hyper personalisation.


A large US retailer uses Unica to enable marketers to increase the number of campaigns while simultaneously employing contextual marketing through more targeted, personalized offers.


  • High velocity campaigns at scale increase profits by 20%
  • 20% increase in operating profits
  • 2x New reward zone membership in 3 months
  • 82% Reduction in cycle time for campaigns

Problem / challenge /opportunity:

Global bank struggle to hyper personalise messages to clients.


Unica Interact is the sophisticated real time interaction solution to personalize customer experience and determine the next best action for customer engagement across various channels such as websites, call centers, point-of-sales, ATM’s, kiosks and more.


Marketing effectiveness.


A global bank has transformed its marketing effectiveness over 5 years through a focus on personalization and use of Unica to determine, prioritize and deliver next best actions to customers across multiple marketing channels. Marketers using this program have increased response rates, while decreasing marketing cost.


  • Personalized offers increase customer response by 300%
  • 17 weeks reduction in campaign cycle times
  • 3x increase in customer responses
  • 35% overall ROI

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