Domino Next-Gen Jams

Join us at one of our in-person Domino Next-Gen “Apps that run your business“ Jams and help shape the future of our products!

Morning Session: Explore the future of development on Domino

After our big announcement and availability of Domino Restyle for Domino “Danube” (v12.0.2,) we want to hear what you think about the future of building applications on Domino. This is a prime opportunity for you to learn about the directions we’re taking and to provide feedback and requests directly to the engineering and product management teams.

  • The server overhaul – New key features of the Domino v12.0.2 server
  • Overhaul of the client universe –
    1. Better looking apps with Domino Restyle
    2. Cut down your TCO using Nomad Web
  • The mail overhaul – Take security to the next level with Secure Mail On premises
  • The calendar overhaul –
    1. Interoperability with M365/Exchange
    2. Group calendaring offer: OnTime Freemium
  • Best practices – prepare and upgrade to “Danube”
  • The ultimate in Citizen Development – Back to the roots with Domino Leap
  • Feedback/Design Thinking session – Feedback on above topics


Afternoon Session: Extend your Domino Apps with Volt MX Go

There’s a lot of buzz about HCL’s recent Volt MX Go Announcement Get insight into how HCL combines the power of our mobile and multi-experience platform, Volt MX, and Domino “Danube” to extend your skills and app investments into exceptional mobile, web and wearable experiences.

  • Understand the power of Volt MX as the market’s leading multi-experience low-code platform for application development and integration
  • See what makes Volt MX Go special for Domino developers to extend their apps – VoltFormula, VoltScript, and more
  • Walkthrough step-by-step of a real customer use case
  • Opportunity to discuss your particular use cases and options


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