myLegal Online Legal Register and Services

myLegal is an Online Legal Register which provides legislation and standards for organisations of any industry.

Subscriptions can include:

  • National Legislation
  • Provincial Legislation
  • Municipal By-Laws
  • SANS Standards
  • Operational Legal Requirements

Additional Services:

  • Standards Training & Support
  • ISO Certifications
  • Legal Compliance Audits
  • Documentation - Policies, Procedures, LoA’s, Risk Assessments, Checklists

Features of myLegal:

  • Live online chat
  • Consequences of non-compliance
  • Search by topic OR by specific law
  • Site and operations specific legislation
  • Interpretation of the law in plain English
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Updates
  • Translation to African languages
  • Integration with Risk Assessment Register and Aspects and Impacts Register (EMS)
  • Integration with the FastWorks SHEQ Compliance Management System
  • Mobile application available on Android