PhonEX ONE Telephone Management Software

"PhonEX™ ONE is a state of the art call accounting software which is a compatible solution for IP-PBXs and Unified communications systems enabling cost control and traffic analysis. It provides intelligent tracking of all calls and supports multiple data source types including telephone systems, gateways, mobile phones and video conferencing.

Users can easily produce customizable reports using an intuitive multi-dimensional configurable query generator with drill-down capabilities. Our fully web-based solution provides an insight to the costs per call and overall traffic analysis across the organization.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

Enterprises and government agencies require managing their communications costs across the organization structure (departments, divisions, cost centers, etc.) andor by geographical sites. The challenge in managing the communications costs is a need to measure the telephony usage and the costs breakdown by its different bearer medium and type of call Graphical illustrations displaying the reports data, makes it easier for users to observe patterns and trends and to perform comparisons.

Visualize the daily traffic on a dashboard in real-time. The benefits are consecutively reducing the communications expenditures and remaining within the annualmonthly budget: If you cannot measure it you cannot manage it. PhonEX™ ONE records each CDR and assigns it to a user, rating instantaneously according to the tariff and currency. This provides indication in near real-time on misuse or abuse as well as an auto barring provisioning capability when a budget credit limit threshold is exceeded.

PhonEX™ ONE users independently create reports according to their specific needs using a myriad of GUI parameters for generating reports having costs breakdown and usage aggregations from the individual user up through the organization hierarchy. The solution provides visibility on the entire telephony consumption costs allocation across the organization hierarchy, assigning the telephony and communications costs breakdown per cost center.

PhonEX™ ONE incorporates a reliable and scalable architecture from a single site to monitoring call traffic in a multi-site worldwide spread organization, as the system is multilingual and multicurrency. Multi-level policy rights, allowing managers to run company wide, location or department reports while isolating the user’s access per site or employees can only view their personal data. It is user centric making it a central point with one consolidated report used to monitor an individual's activity regardless of device and service to manage voice traffic both on the UC system or IP-PBX, and other external CDR sources such as: cellular calls, teleconferencing, and SIP applications.

Web-based solution
providing full functionality through a web browser.
Scalable system architecture
supporting an unlimited number of sites and extensions.
Multilingual and multicurrency
the perfect solution for multinational organizations.
Supports IP, traditional and hybrid
telephony networks.
Enhanced security
user or group-based limitation of access to the capabilities and functionality of the system.
Supports Microsoft SQL database
and is enhanced by the advanced ASP.NET technology.
Event log
for tracking system behaviour.
Displaying online information
about the CDR mediation process.
ability to view reports on descending hierarchy levels, with just a click of the mouse.
Access control and system violations logs
together with complex password algorithms and SSL (secured socket layer) encryption provide a complete protection from unauthorized users.