Social Business Adoption

One of the very specialised services provided by mySolutions is Social Business User Adoption. Be it a short term initiative or to prepare the business for a long term transformation, the mySolutions Social Specialists will apply the following questions in order to design and implement a Social Strategy for any type of business intending to adopt social business in future. The service is based on key areas of the business:

Building the Social Business of the Future

What new social innovations can we theorise? How can social technologies help to deliver value through core business processes (R&D, HR, Financeetc).?

Building Participatory Organisations Through Social Adoption

How can we align our organizational model, culture, and leadership social business adoption?
How do we quantify the value of Social Business for the enterprise?

Using Social to Understand and Engage with Customers

How does Social Business impact the future of CRM, marketing or communications?
What are the implications for the way we manage brands?

What Social means for IT

How can IT organizations get these social technologies implemented in organizations?
What technology options are there available to enable this transformation?

Identifying Risks and Establishing Governance

What are the real risks of Social Business for the enterprise?
What are the right policies and strategies to manage social interactions internally and externally?