IBM Watson Talent Insights

IBM® Watson™ Talent Insights (formerly IBM Kenexa® Talent Insights) analyses human resources (HR) information to help you gain actionable insight, make fact-based decisions, forecast impacts and discover new opportunities. You can use pre-configured questions to jump start your analysis. Or, using the analytical and cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson, type in your own questions in conversational, natural language.

IBM Watson can even suggest additional questions to drive further insight and value. Results are visually displayed to help you quickly understand the analysis and communicate it to your teams and management.

Ask Better Questions - Ask what you want to ask, not what the data requires you to ask. Watson’s cognitive capabilities understand HR language and can help guide your analysis to ask new questions and derive new insights.

Make Data-Driven Decisions - Make more fact-based, verifiable decisions based on data rather than experience and intuition.

Accelerate Talent Decisions - Use workforce analytics to quickly get fact-based answers without requiring technical expertise and provide easily accessible insights that can help streamline talent decisions.

Uncover Hidden Patterns - Discover hidden patterns in talent data for deeper insights into the decision areas to explore. Expose patterns and relationships as visualizations to help you explore alternative, relevant paths.