IBM Watson Candidate Assistant

IBM Watson Candidate Assistant is an AI and cognitive talent management solution that engages job seekers in personalized discussions and recommends positions that fit their skills and experiences to help them find a job that they will thrive in and grow with. By building trust and confidence in their first interaction with your company, and recommending roles for job seekers that will fit their skills and experiences, costly hiring mistakes are avoided and new hires turn into valued employees who will contribute to the success of the company.


What it can do for your business

Reduce costly hiring mistakes

Job seekers don’t always know how their skills can be applied to different roles . By recommending jobs that are the best fit for job seekers, they have a better chance of loving their jobs and excelling in their careers.


Create a great first impression

Build trust and engagement with job seekers on day one through a fun and captivating job-searching experience, delivering results that benefit both the job seeker and organization.


Attract the highest value talent that matches your company’s culture

Communicate your company’s brand image with job seekers to ensure future employees will thrive in the organization.