IBM Kenexa Lead Manager

Source and attract top talent to create qualified talent pools

IBM® Kenexa® Lead Manager is an innovative candidate relationship management tool that helps recruiters proactively find, attract, engage and nurture your top talent pool. This tool helps source top talent, build strong relationships and generate qualified applications, as well as measure effectiveness of recruitment campaigns. Powered by IBM Marketing Cloud (also known as IBM Silverpop®) this tool provides personalized email marketing, lead management and mobile engagement for your candidates.

IBM Kenexa Lead Manager helps you:
Source and attract the right talent and build robust pipelines.
Build proactive talent pools and nurture candidates to generate interest in your jobs.
Create sophisticated marketing campaigns with branded emails.
Manage leads and applicants together with a seamless interface between IBM Kenexa Lead Manager and IBM Kenexa BrassRing on Cloud.
Meet the needs of the recruiters and candidates on the go—virtually anytime, anywhere and on any device.
Source and attract the right talent

Find the right candidate more quickly and efficiently—search external and internal sites for publically available profile information, including social networks, job boards, resume banks and more to find qualified leads.
Preview profiles and send the most qualified candidates into IBM Kenexa Lead Manager with one click.
Deliver a positive candidate experience by using candidate behaviors to automate personalized experiences.
Design and automate consistent cross-channel experiences—email, mobile, web and social—that convert at a higher rate.
Apply a mobile strategy to your talent acquisitions.

Build proactive talent pools and nurture candidates

Build robust talent pipelines and engage them in talent communities.
Motivate prospective jobseekers to stay connected with your company and culture and generate candidate interest.
Engage leads through branded email marketing communication.
Use branded landing pages to get your messaging to many audiences and provide a means for them to be kept informed of areas of interest.

Create sophisticated marketing campaigns

Send engaging, personalized content in individual or mass emails as well as hard copy mailers and text messages.
Use opt-in/opt-out features resulting in a better candidate experience.
Utilise A/B testing for email and landing page design and messaging.
Deliver email messages at the exact time of day and day of week that your leads are most likely to be in their inboxes, based on prior behavior.
Use client-branded templates to send communications with a consistent marketing message.

Manage leads and applicants together

Integrated with IBM Kenexa BrassRing on Cloud, the market-leading applicant tracking system from IBM.
Automatically links records; if a new lead is added to IBM Kenexa Lead Manager, the system will search for a match in IBM Kenexa BrassRing on Cloud and link records to provide a seamless experience in every stage of the recruiting cycle.
Re-engage seasonal, alumni and silver medalist talent by exporting and moving talent back and forth between systems.

Meet the needs of the recruiters and candidates on the go

Meet the needs of recruiters, sourcers and candidates virtually anytime, anywhere and on any device.
Prevent missed opportunities by setting reminder notices.
Design and publish landing pages that match your brand and web forms without the need for IT support.