IBM Kenexa Assessments

IBM® Kenexa® Employee Assessments uses behavioral science techniques to measure traits, skills and culture fit of each candidate and employee. It provides job evaluation tools to help predict executive performance and functional behavior assessments to find the best fit for hourly employees. Skills assessments help you sift through talent pools to determine if an individual has the required skills for a specific job. Aligning the right talent with the right role can improve hiring efficiency, reduce hiring costs and boost overall organisational performance.

Improve quality of hire
Reveal candidate personality traits, biographical history and problem-solving ability and concentrate interview efforts on high-potential candidates.

Accurately predict performance
Put the leadership skills in place that match your corporate culture and maintain a healthy leadership pipeline through accurate identification.

Make better workforce decisions
Use analytics to explore workforce data and make fact-based decisions, rather than relying on intuition and instinct.

Improve business performance
Identify the critical talent needed and develop potential leaders by discovering strengths and uncovering development needs.

IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments features

Accurate performance predictions
Validated results and tests
Multiple-choice formats
Capacity and capability assessments
Detailed candidate profiles